Foamed Concrete
Miscellaneous and Artistic Uses

Decorative Garden Ornaments and Sculputres

Foamed Concrete (Aircrete) has become a popular material for making all sorts of objects. Our customers have made many intersting items including decorative panels, garden ornaments and water features, props for television and films, table tops and even artworks. Using foamed concrete as an artistic medium allows your imagination to run wild!

Foamed concrete has advantages including being lighweight so objects are not too heavy, free-flowing so it can be used to fill irregular shaped moulds, and resistant to freeze-thaw cycles so it can be used to make objects that will be left outside over winter. It can be made with different strengths and densities so that it can be suitable for sculpting. When casting foamed concrete steel mesh reinforcement or plastic fibres can be used to increase the tensile strength and reduce cracking of the object.

Below are photos of some of the variety of objects that our customers have made using EABASSOC Lightweight Foamed Concrete.

Sculpted head water feature garden ornament
Foamed Concrete Tiki Head Sculpture Garden Ornament with Water Feature made by Tom Phillips
Lightweight foamed concrete square table top
A lightweight table top made from foamed concrete
Brown stone effect decorative foamed concrete panel
Decorative panel with stone effect finish
Wood grain effect on foamed concrete panels
Decorative panels with wood grain effect

Foamed Concrete Artwork

The photos below show artwork made from foamed concrete by Andreas Christodoulou for part of his architectural design course.

Artwork: Tower of foamed concrete with large holes through it like Swiss cheese
Black Tower
Artwork: Close up of foamed concrete tower with small plastic figures inside
Figures in the Tower
Artwork: Orange light shining on foamed concrete forms
Orange light on foamed concrete forms
Artwork: Green light shining through a rectangular foamed concrete form
Green light on foamed concrete form


Sculptor Tom Phillips, from Ely Cambridgeshire, provided us with the testimonial below after we helped him with his garden ornament project (see above for a photo).

"EAB Associates were hugely helpful with a project in 2018.

I am a sculptor and wanted to try casting and carving large blocks of foamed concrete for a sculptural fountain project.

Daniel spent literally hours discussing my admittedly rather left-field requirements, and as well as supplying huge amounts of advice, sent me reams of recipies and data sheets.

I have never come across an industrial supplier at this level so keen to go the extra mile to bring my project to fruition.

Many months later, my client is very happy, and thanks to the in-depth and detailed advice given by Daniel, the finished sculpture is coping wonderfully well with the naturally challenging environment (running water, humidity, freeze-thaw weathering, metal integration, moving and handling, etc.)

Foamed concrete makes a fantastic medium for sculpture, and makes it possible to create large 3D pieces for two orders of magnitude less cost (and, if you time the carving right, an order of magnitude less time) than the natural limestone I normally work in.

An excellent material for sculpture or rapid maquetting, foamed concrete has a finished surface similar to pumice, and can be patinated.

I'm only just scratching the surface of what is possible with this material and will look forward to experimenting with more of EAB associates revolutionary products in future.

If you are considering an unusual project, these are the guys to call.
" Tom Phillips

If you are interested in making foamed concrete (aircrete) for small or DIY projects, EABASSOC Foaming Agent is available on eBay in quantities that are suitable for your project. If you require foaming agent for larger commercial projects, please use our contact us form.