Waterproofing and Building Materials

EAB Associates (EABASSOC) building and construction products are suitable for roof waterproofing, underground damp-proofing, waterproofing of internal floors and walls, joint sealing and caulking, protection of metal surfaces, and thermal insulation of surfaces. We also supply admixtures for concrete and foaming agent for making lightweight foamed concrete. Please see product datasheets below.



EAB Associates is a supplier of specialist, chemically based products for the waterproofing, sealing and general protection of buildings. Our products are used both in new construction and for maintenance work.

We always offer an excellent service from your initial request, to quotations, technical enquiries and the shipment and final handling of the order. We assure you of our best service at all times.

We have great expertise in exporting and export to various countries, mainly in the Middle East, Far East and the Indian Sub-Continent, and work with a variety of different organisations including government bodies, testing institutions, architects and engineers, specialist waterproofing contractors, and importers of construction materials.

We are able to give professional advice on most matters in the waterproofing field, either directly from our own knowledge and practical experience, or after reference to our many specialist contacts.

Our Waterproofing and Building Materials Range Includes Products For:

  • roof waterproofing
  • underground damp-proofing
  • waterproofing of internal floors and walls
  • joint sealing and caulking
  • protection of metal surfaces
  • thermal insulation of surfaces
  • concrete repair
  • manufacture of lightweight foamed concrete

We Supply Specialist Building Materials Including:

  • liquid waterproof coatings based on bitumens and synthetic resins
  • sheet membranes / torching membranes
  • mastic sealants
  • elastomeric sealants and compounds
  • self adhesive membranes and tapes
  • anti-corrosion and thermal insulation coatings
  • admixtures for concrete

Typical Building and Construction Applications Include:

  • waterproofing flat concrete roofs in high rise buildings and apartment blocks
  • concrete floors in 'wet' areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, washrooms and basements
  • building's foundations waterproofing
  • water storage tanks, reservoirs and pools
  • protection of sloping, corrugated factory roofs, made of metal or fibre-cement sheets
  • filling expansion joints in walls, floors and roadways
  • sealing bathroom fittings, window frames and for glazing
  • waterproofing walls, floors and roofs in underground car parks, basements, tunnels etc.
  • anti-rust protection of metal surfaces in exposed environments.


EAB ASSOCIATES Building and Construction Product Datasheets (pdf)

Product specifications may change from time to time. Please contact us for more information.