Foamed Concrete
Interlocking Foamed Concrete Panels

For serious business enquiries about these blocks please contact our business partner, THT International, who are the manufacturer of lightweight foamed concrete blocks and the manufacturer of the equipment for making the blocks.

Build Walls Quickly with 60 x 50cm Pre-Cast Panels

The latest development in building partition or non-load bearing walls are 60 x 50cm foamed concrete (CLC) panels. These pre-cast panels have grooves so that they interlock. For internal walls they are made from foamed concrete with a density of 650 kg/m3. For external walls the dry density is 850 kg/m3. Since the panels are bigger than blocks, it is much quicker to construct a wall with the panels. Another similar design are large hollow core, interlocking panels.

Interlocking Foamed Concrete Panels
Workers assembling 60 x 50cm, interlocking, foamed concrete panels

Pre-Cast Panel Advantages

The large size compared to regular size blocks, and the interlocking design, means that these foamed concrete (clc) panels can be assembled into a wall far more quickly than regular sized blocks can.

They are easy to handle since each panel can be lifted by one worker.

The tongue and groove design ensures correct placement of foamed concrete panels and provides additional lateral strength to the wall.

The low weight of the panels means that there is reduced loading on the building. This means that cost savings can be made on structural elements and foundations.

Foamed concrete is fire proof and it provides good thermal and acoustic (sound) insulation.

The panels are made using a low shrinakge mix design. The wall can be finished using only self-adhesive fibre glass tape along the length of the mortar joints, followed by a 1mm skim coat of plaster over the entire wall or wall paper.

Pre-Cast Panel Specification

  • Dimensions: 600 x 500 x 100 / 150 / 200 mm
  • Density of foamed concrete: 650 - 950 kg/m3
  • Weight of panels: 19.5 - 57 kg, depending upon density and thickness

Panel Production with Saw Cutting Machine

To make the pre-cast panels, foamed concrete is poured in to a large mould. After 3 - 4 hours the large block of foamed concrete can be cut with an automatic cutting machine. As with foamed concrete blocks, the panels must be cured for 28 days before they are used.

Efficient production of Interlocking Foamed Concrete Panels using a Saw Cutting Machine

We do not make or supply these panels. To find out how your company can make these panels please contact us.