Rapid Application Waterproofing

EABASSOC Spraytec is a water based, spray applied coating, which cures instantly to form a seamless, highly elastic waterproofing membrane. It consists of a special liquid rubber bitumen emulsion and a liquid precipitant, which when simultaneously sprayed, produce an instantaneous solid membrane on the substrate. Rapid spray application is carried out using a special spray machine which enables up to 1000 m2 of Spraytec to be applied in one day.

Advantages of Spraytec Waterproofing

  • Very strong, very elastic
  • Watertight the instant it is sprayed
  • Resistant to puncturing
  • Self healing
  • UV resistant
  • Highly versatile
  • Resistant to high and low temperatures
  • Resistant to flame spread and flame penetration -
    Conforms to BS 476: Part 3
  • Requires minimal surface preparation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Good anti-corrosion properties
  • Excellent slump resistance
  • Ideal for use where fast curing is essential
  • Use where fast curing is essential
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Very cost effective
  • Approved for use with potable water
  • Can be applied in wet conditions
  • Exceeds ASTM D412 -
    Elongation & Tensile Strength Test
Application of EABASSOC Spraytec waterproof coating onto a slurry wall.
Application of EABASSOC Spraytec

Use and Applications of Spraytec Waterproofing

EABASSOC Spraytec is a liquid bitumen that cures instantly to form a versatile elastomeric waterproof membrane. It is most suitable for use in civil engineering projects and on larger commerical or industrial buildings. It has a variety of applications including roofing, tunnels, underground structures, water channels and reservoirs. It is principally used in areas where fast curing is essential and is considered one of the most cost effective products of its type.

Spray application of EABASSOC Spraytec Instant Curing Waterproof Membrane

Application by spray is fast and easy. A single coat is normally sufficient and up to 1000 square metres can be applied in a single day. It is unaffected by water so can be applied on uncured concrete and damp surfaces without re-emulsifying. It can be sprayed directly onto most surfaces and has excellent adhesion. The high pH value also gives it good anti-corrosion properties.

The membrane formed is seamless and soft, so, although it resists puncturing it can be cut by a knife. However, unlike other membranes it is self healing and so, due to its elastic recovery and high level of adhesion, it will join back together.

EABASSOC Spraytec is water based, non-flammable, does not give off toxic fumes, and is environmentally friendly.

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Hitec Waterproof Coating

EABASSOCHitec Waterproofing Membrane is the brush applied version of Spraytec. Hitec can be applied where detailing work is necessary, which cannot be carried out using Spraytec. Hitec is a one-component, cold applied rubber bitumen emulsion, forming a seamless, highly elastic, waterproofing membrane. It is very easy to apply, non-hazardous and is free of solvents and plasticisers, making it suitable for both internal and external sealing work. Hitec is not instant curing.

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