Concentrated Curing Compound

Improve Strength, Reduce Cracking

EABASSOC Concentrated Curing Compound is a wax based emulsion for use on fresh concrete, which prevents excessive water loss during the curing period. It ensures that the concrete develops full strength and reduces the risk of cracking through over-rapid drying. It also eliminates scaling and sanding of the surface.

  • Conforms to ASTM C309
  • Water loss < 0.55 kg/m2
  • Very economical

EABASSOC Concentrated Curing Compound is a milky homogenous liquid. It is applied in diluted form, and forms a temporary membrane which will remain in place for at least 1 month. Membrane formation is immediately upon contact with concrete.

The concentrate is diluted by adding 3 parts water to 1 part concentrate. When the dilution is applied at a rate of 230 ml/m2 EABASSOC Concentrated Curing Compound conforms to ASTM C309; water loss less than 0.55 kg/m2.

Product Category: Concrete Related Products
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