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Foam for Lightweight Foamed Concrete

EABASSOC Foaming Agent is a highly concentrated, highly efficient liquid which is used in the production of EABASSOC Lightweight Foamed Concrete. Foamed concrete is also known as cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) or Aircrete.

200kg drums of EABASSOC Foaming Agent, which is used to make EABASSOC Lightweight Foamed Concrete
EABASSOC Foaming Agent is available in 25kg drums, 200kg drums (shown) and 1000kg IBCs.

High Efficiency
Low Dosage

Dosage Rate: 0.3 - 0.6 ltrs/m³

The most commonly specified mix design used for making EABASSOC Foamed Concrete requires 0.3 - 0.6 ltrs of EABASSOC Foaming Agent per 1m³ of foamed concrete produced. (Depending upon the mineral content of water used to make the foam.)

A 1000 kg IBC of EABASSOC Foaming Agent which is used to make EABASSOC Lightweight Foamed Concrete
EABASSOC Foaming Agent is available in 25kg drums, 200kg drums and 1000kg IBCs (shown).


EABASSOC Foaming Agent: Advantages

  • Low cost / high concentration: has a LOW USAGE rate and it is this which must be considered when choosing a foaming agent, not just its basic price per litre.
  • Excellent stability over a wide range of temperature and water quality. This stability means that the foam bubbles sustain themselves and support the mortar around them. The bubbles do not burst easily and hence the foamed concrete does not collapse when it is made or after it has been placed.
  • High efficiency means that a high level of air entrapment is possible, hence low density foamed concrete can be achieved without using excessive foaming agent.
  • Excellent strength and thermal insulation properties means the foamed concrete produced from EABASSOC Foaming Agent is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Making Foam

When processed through a foam generator, a solution of EABASSOC Foaming Agent in water creates a stiff, white foam with a 20 to 25 times increase in volume and NO foam collapse. The foam can easily be incorporated into any mortar mix to make EABASSOC Foamed Concrete (CLC), even when using cold water.

Foam coming out of the foam generator's lance into readymix truck
The foam is stiff and similar to shaving foam in consistency

EABASSOC Foaming Agent may be used with all types of Portland cement and incorporated into cement only, or sand-cement mortar slurries to produce foamed concrete of every type and for every application. Its cost as a proportion of the total cost of foamed concrete is tiny, typically only about 1-3%.

EABASSOC Foaming Agent can also be used in mix designs that contain ingredients such as fly ash, silica fume and geoploymer cement.

Safety goggles, gloves and suitable work clothing should always be worn when using EABASSOC Foaming Agent and/or when making concrete.

READ MORE: EABASSOC Foaming Agent Datasheet (pdf).

EABASSOC Foaming Agent in small bottles.

Buy EABASSOC Aircete Foaming Agent

Please contact us if you require foaming agent for commercial projects in the UK or overseas.

If you are in the UK or overseas you can can purchase small quantities of foaming agent on eBay. International delivery is handled through eBay's Global Shipping Programme. Quantities available are 0.5 kg, 1.0 kg, 2.5 kg, 5.0 kg and 25 kg.

Download instructions for making small (DIY) quantities of foamed concrete (pdf).