Protection from Fire and Asbestos Encapsulation

EABASSOC FR Coating is a water based polymeric vapour barrier coating, which can be applied by brush or by spray to provide a fire resistant (Class "O") weatherproof coating, suitable for both internal and external use.

It is used primarily to protect modern insulation materials and for asbestos encapsulation.

  • Non-flammable when wet
  • Fire resistant when dry
  • Water based and easy to use
  • Requires only simple surface preparation
  • Excellent exterior durability
  • Resistant to most acids and alkalis
  • Good resistant to water
  • Resistant to some solvents
  • Good flexibility
  • Class "O" BS476 part 6 fire rating

Use and Advantages of FR Coating

EABASSOC FR Coating cures to produce a dried film which may be used as a weatherproof vapour barrier over most thermal insulation materials. It prevents the ingress of moisture into insulation materials which would otherwise reduce their thermal insulation properties.

It is also used for the encapsulation of asbestos fibres and asbestos containing products, rendering them harmless.

As it is water based, it is non-flammable. The pigment is non-toxic and inert when dry.

READ MORE: EABASSOC FR - Fire Resistant - Coating Datasheet (pdf)