EABASSOC Foam Generator

Making Foam for Lightweight Foamed Concrete/Aircrete

Photograph of the EABASSOC Regular and Junior Foam Generators

If you are making foamed concrete for commercial contracts you will need to use a foam generator to make the foam. Using a purpose designed foam generator will ensure that you can make foam with a consistent quality at a consistent rate. This in turn helps to ensure that the physical properties of your foamed concrete will be consistent across batches and that you can be confident that your foamed concrete will do its job. It is also important to use a foam generator with a high output of foam so that you can make your foamed concrete quickly and avoid time delays on-site. EAB Associates supply two models of foam generators which are used to make foam for making foamed concrete / cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) / aircrete. They are:

  • EABASSOC Foam Generator
  • EABASSOC Junior Foam Generator

(The Junior Foam Generator is a smaller version of the regular foam generator).

We have supplied EABASSOC Foam Generators to satisfied customers all around the world. To get a quote, please contact us.

EABASSOC Foam Generator: Advantages

EABASSOC Foam Generators have been designed specifically for making foam for foamed concrete and for operating in conditions typically found on building and construction sites. Building sites do not always have a supply of electricity, but they often have air compressors. Therefore our foam generators require only compressed air to operate. Building sites are often dirty and dusty places which can shorten the lifetime of machinery. Our foam generators are robust and have been designed to operate in harsh conditions. They are sealed in a strong metal cabinet and have filters to keep out the dirt and dust.

Advantages of both the Regular and the Junior Foam Generators

  • They both produce good quality foam when using EABASSOC Foaming Agent (or similar)
  • They require only a compressed air supply to work - no electrical supply is needed
  • They are easily portable and can be carried by hand or transported in a car boot
  • They are small, light and durable
  • The expansion rate of the pre-foaming solution can be adjusted if required
  • EAB Associates provide after sales support for all our customers

Advantages of the Regular EABASSOC Foam Generator over the Junior Foam Generator

If you require foamed concrete for civil engineering projects, commercial contracts or for a foamed concrete block making factory, EABASSOC Foam Generators are the ideal choice for making your foam.

  • High throughput of foam, typically 400 - 460 ltr/minute (depending on the air compressor used)
  • Automatic dilution of foaming agent and water (the amount of dilution can be adjusted by the user)
  • Timer on/off switch for accurate and reliable batching of foam
  • Excellent for jobs where large volumes of foamed concrete will be placed

Advantages of the EABASSOC Junior Foam Generator over the Regular Foam Generator

  • Much Lower Price
  • Even smaller and lighter
  • Requires a smaller air compressor
  • Excellent for laboratory work
  • Ideal for small and medium sized jobs
  • Throughput of foam, typically 150 - 200 ltr/minute (depending on the air compressor used)

Dry and Wet Methods of Creating Foam

Both of the EABASSOC Foam Generators use the 'dry' method of producing foam, this is where foam is created by forcing a mixture of foaming agent and water through a plastic mesh with compressed air. The foam created using the dry method is uniform and very stable. In contrast, the 'wet' method of creating foam, which is based on the Venturi effect, does not produce such good quality foam.

EABASSOC Foam Generator: How It Works

Water and EABASSOC Foaming Agent are fed separately into the EABASSOC Foam Generator which mixes them in the correct ratio (see diagram below). This mixture is called the pre-foaming solution.

Pre-foaming solution and compressed air are fed through a lance which creates a stiff white foam with a volume 20-25 times that of the pre-foamed solution. The foam is then mixed into the mortar slurry in a suitable cement mixer to make EABASSOC Lightweight Foamed Concrete. An automatic timer is built into the EABASSOC Foam Generator enabling easy production of identical consecutive batches.

Both EABASSOC Foam Generators are totally safe, having no electrical parts and are entirely air operated. The air pressure is controlled using an air pressure regulator.

EABASSOC Foam Generators are used to make uniform, stable foam for foamed clc concrete
This diagram illustrates the features of the EABASSOC Foam Generator.

Schematic Diagram of the Foam Generator in use:

Schematic diagram showing EABASSOC Foam Generator set up for making foam.
The EABASSOC Foam Generator is powered by an air compressor.
EABASSOC Foaming Agent, water and compressed air are combined to make foam.