Protection for Steel and Asbestos Cement Roofs

EABASSOC RBC Aluminium is a one coat, reinforced, protective compound for the maintenance of sloping, corrugated metal and asbestos-cement sheet roofs. It is also suitable for over-coating bituminous membranes and mastic asphalt on flat roofs which should have sufficient slope to prevent standing water. It seals and waterproofs, reduces heat gain and protects against corrosion.

Application of EABASSOC RBC Aluminium protective coating onto a fibre-cement board roof.
  • Minimal surface preparation
  • One-pack, ready to use
  • One coat, cheap and easy application
  • Will not flow off high spots and slopes
  • Excellent adhesion, even to old surfaces
  • Flexible, durable and resistant to water
  • Not an emulsion - will not wash off
  • Resistant to UV and high temperature
  • Long life, usually in excess of 10 years
  • Exceeds ASTM D2824

Before and after:

The rusty corrugated steel roof of Kirin Brewery before application of RBC Aluminium
The KIRIN Brewery roof at Kyoto, Japan before RBC Aluminium was applied.
The corrugated steel roof of Kirin Brewery after application of RBC Aluminium
RBC Aluminium protective coating applied to the KIRIN Brewery at Kyoto, Japan.

Use and Advantages of EABASSOC RBC Aluminium

EABASSOC RBC Aluminium is a reinforced bitumen waterproofing compound. It produces a membrane with high adhesive strength, but low cohesion. Therefore, unlike elastomeric coatings, it will not delaminate as a single sheet if there is a substrate fault or application error. It is thixotropic, and will smoothly and quickly produce a uniform, durable protective layer. It requires only simple surface preparation, although cracks, holes or open joints should be covered with EABASSOC Flashing Tape.

EABASSOC RBC Aluminium is totally resistant to water and so is ideal for use on steel and on fibre cement boards. It seals against water and air, thus preventing corrosion of the former and inhibiting the natural weathering of the latter, which makes such boards thin and porous if they are not protected. It will also seal old, porous asbestos-cement sheets, preventing water penetration. It is not an emulsion, contains no emulsifying agents, and so will not wash off.

EABASSOC RBC Aluminium provides a genuine protective coating and is not merely a decorative finish. Other EABASSOC RBC Compounds are available in a range of colours: Red, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Light Green and Light Blue. All are genuine protective coatings.

READ MORE: EABASSOC RBC Aluminium Technical Data Sheet (pdf)