Damp-Proofing for Walls, Floors and Foundations

EABASSOC RBE is a versatile, cold-applied elastomeric waterproof coating used for damp-proofing walls, floors and foundations, and for use as a roof waterproofing membrane in certain circumstances. Its use comforms to BS CP102.

  • Inexpensive and easy to use
  • Easy to clean up
  • High adhesion
  • High elongation
  • Single component product
  • Can be used on most surfaces
  • Suitable for renovation of old bituminous surfaces
  • Water based, non-hazardous
  • Can be used in moist or damp conditions
  • Can also be used as an adhesive

Use and Advantages of RBE Waterproofing

EABASSOC RBE dries to form a durable film which will accommodate considerable movement and will withstand high temperatures without running or slumping. It forms an effective barrier to both water and water vapour.

It is used for waterproofing building foundations and other underground structures (where it protects steel and concrete from attack by water and salts), damp proofing floors and walls and for use as a waterproofing membrane on most types of roof (providing it is not exposed to the sun). It is ideal for roof gardens and as a vapour barrier beneath roof insulation materials.

EABASSOC RBE is suitable for vertical as well as horizontal surfaces, which may be dry or damp, but not wet.

EABASSOC RBE is water based and, therefore, non-hazardous. However, it is not resistant to UV radiation or to environments with danger of oil contamination. A more suitable product for these applications is EABASSOC TPU waterproofing membrane.

READ MORE: EABASSOC RBE Technical Datasheet (pdf)