How do EAB Associates operate?

UK Exporter

EAB Associates is a company primarily set up to deal with large, regular orders, from contractors and distributors, especially in export markets. We are specialists at exporting and will arrange the shipment of goods to the nearest port, town or even factory gate if requested.

Technical Expertise

Our technical expertise is widely based and we work very closely with our customers and offer constant technical support and assistance as requested. We deal with importers, large distributors, major contractors, engineers, architects and government bodies all over the globe. In certain markets we have established a deep relationship with one particular distributor, but in other areas, we are happy to supply direct to all interested parties.

Recommending the Most Suitable Product

Although we have a range of major products, each with its own web page (See Product Digest), we also have a very wide range of products which are not listed, so we should be able to supply material for almost any application. Simply let us know what kind of product you require, or what problem you wish to solve, and we will do our best to identify a suitable product within the EABASSOC range. Even if we have nothing suitable, we should be able to find something for you through our extensive knowledge of the market and our numerous contacts with other manufacturers in many countries.

Doing Business

In order for any business to be economic, we require orders to be above a certain minimum size. This varies depending on the product, but as a rough estimate, a minimum of about the size of one or two pallets is usual. However, we always try to be flexible in the beginning for smaller test / trial orders.

Our payment terms are either payment in advance (for small value orders) or by irrevocable Letter of Credit. If you have not used a Letter of Credit before, then this is a simple arrangement between our banks, which guarantees both payment and the supply of the goods you ordered. (We can offer advice about Letters of Credit if you would like).

Successful Business Relationships

The reason why we are successful as a company is due to the high quality of the products we supply and especially to the relationships which we have established with our clients who trust us to have THEIR interests as paramount in our dealings. The technical performance of a product is very important to us, but even more important than high product quality is the issue of product suitability. Our philosophy is not to sell products, but rather, to solve people's problems by supplying the right product.