Finding Out More About EAB Associates

Here at EAB Associates we pride ourselves on our culture of customer orientation. Our team has great practical knowledge in exporting and is able to provide professional advice on most matters in the waterproofing field.

As well as our major waterproofing and specialist building products, each with its own web page (See Product Digest), we also have a very wide range of products which are not listed on our website. Tell us about your project or what problem you wish to solve, and we will do our best to identify a suitable product within the EABASSOC range. Even if we have nothing suitable, we should be able to find something for you through our extensive knowledge of the market and our numerous contacts with other manufacturers in many countries.

If you require any more information about any of our products or would like a small sample, then all you have to do is submit the information request form in the Contact Us page and we would be happy to deal with your enquiry. We promise not to send you any unsolicited or spam mail and will do everything we can to help you.